Which aircraft do you guys like better? A380 or B747?


  1. I'm off to New York march next year arrive into LAX on Qf 11 A-380 change to the queen of the sky's the 747-400. Can't wait.

  2. I traveled with Qantas A380-800 from London to Sydney and British Airways 747-400 back to London a few years ago. I choose the A380 when there is a choice.

  3. The unwieldy, homely, dangerous, white elephant will never, ever surpass the many decade greatness of the 747. As one of the 747's initial engineering designers was quoted as saying: Every movement of a plane that large must be made with power, confidence and grace, it must look like it flies with ease and beauty from every angle.

  4. I still prefer the refurbished Qantas Boeing 747-400, since it was the first double decked airliner and I respect the heritage of The Queen of The Skies since 1969

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