Flight Number: QF 7474
Type: Boeing 747-400
Rego: VH-OJA
Time Landed: 7:47am
Location: Illawarra Regional Airport, Albion Park

This is VH-OJA’s Last Flight and will now be preserved at Hars Aviation Museum Albion Park NSW, Australia.

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  1. A 747-400 at Albion Park?! And they say GC Airport was too damn small for a 747-400 not only do I do Trains I also do planes

  2. That plane is being preserved as the world record champion for the longest flight ever from England to sydney and only had a crew of 12 people I think and yes I was there

  3. Qantas Flight QF7474: Boeing 747-400 – VH-OJA Landing At Albion Park

    Flight QF7474
    Rego VH-OJA
    Boeing 747-400
    Illawarra Regional Airport

    VH-OJA Is Qantas's first B747-400

  4. I noticed you changed The Life of STV to Aviation Observation. Why did you change the channel name? It doesn't make sense to change the channel name and type from your life of STV. I like it when you kept it as The Life of STV because it talks about your daily life when you're not Vlogging. I don't understand why you changed it to become a channel about planes?

    You should've created a separate channel for planes and put the channel back to The Life of STV.

  5. Which train by registration have you travelled on the most? A25 and A15 have been stalking me! A25 3 times in 2 consecutive days and A15 Warrawee to Killara and same train return 2 hours later. (Trackwork). Can you please do North Sydney when trains are terminating there in the late morning, early afternoon? BTW thanks for doing Central 1-15. 

  6. It was said he couldn't use reverse thrust cos of blowing up debris n pulling in to engine, but when he lands u see the cowlings slid back indicating reverse thrust. Any plane buffs know what the go is?

  7. Standing at the North end of the runway, seeing 350 tonnes of 747-400 pass meters above heads was unforgettable. 

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