In the second video in the Duff’s Kitchen series, Plastics Make it Possible® teams up with celebrity chef and television personality Duff Goldman to demonstrate how plastic packaging can help us reduce our environmental footprint. Plastics enable manufacturers to create lightweight, minimalist packaging, which means fewer transportation emissions and less packaging waste. And it’s easier than ever to recycle a wide variety of everyday plastic food packaging so it can live another life as useful new products.

• Any professional or home chef inevitably winds up creating some packaging waste. It’s the reality of our daily lives.
• I’ve found that plastics often can help create less packaging waste in my kitchen. Lightweight plastics can benefit the environment by delivering more food, with less waste.
• Plastics are not only lighter than other packaging materials, they’re strong. So we deliver more food with less material when we use plastics, which means less packaging waste.
• For example, compared to glass, plastic jars are so much lighter that we can get six times more mayonnaise from the same weight of packaging.
• This plastic jar of mayo and this glass jar of mayo deliver the same amount of food, but the plastic jar weighs much less.
• And the same goes for tuna: a plastic pouch for tuna fish delivers the same amount of food, but the can weighs 35 grams, and the pouch weighs 10 grams—three and a half times less.
• Just imagine how much that saves on energy and greenhouse gas emissions from shipping trucks.
• You probably have lots of other everyday examples in your pantry, such as ketchup, salad dressings, cream cheese, and other foods that have switched from heavier materials to plastics. And more and more of these can be recycled at curbside.
• These plastic containers are also shatter-resistant.
• And plastic packaging keeps getting lighter. For example, bottled water companies have put their bottles on a huge diet, reducing the amount of plastics used by nearly two-thirds.
• All this “lightweighting” has a big impact on the amount of packaging waste. If we stopped using lightweight plastics, the amount of packaging used in the United States would increase by 55 million tons. That’s as much as 169,000 Boeing 747 jumbo jets (Source).
• So using the right packaging in the first place is a great way to create as little packaging waste as possible in your kitchen.
• And we all can reduce packaging waste even more by remembering to recycle whenever we can.

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