Clips used:
astronauts and moonscape: Independence Day Resurgence –
Alien super city: Contact –
Wormhole folding space/time: Interstellar –
Massive alien ship entering atmosphere: Independence Day Resurgence –
Nicholas Cage looking up, massive alien ship: Knowing –
Eisenstein Rosenbridge Ship: Contact –
Neanderthals: FIRST PEOPLES – Neanderthals & Modern Humans Meet – PBS
Boeing 747 flyover:
Computer: Day the Earth stood still –
Alien ship and crowds: Close Encounters of the Third Kind –
Aliens of light: Knowing –
Tesseract multiple universe house: Interstellar –
Nicholas Cage watching returning alien ship: Knowing –
Ellie alien beach scene: Contact –
David with super evolved machines: A.I. –
Alien engineer on Earth: Prometheus –
Massive alien ship observed by scientists: Day the Earth Stood Still –
Tesseract house, astronaut astonishment: Interstellar –
Ellie through wormhole: Contact –
Alien ship rising: Knowing –
Evolution of Earth: Noah –
Greek God: Star Trek the Old Series – Who Mourns for Adonis –
Super machines: A.I. –
Super machine ship landing: A.I. –
Super machine speaks with David: A.I. –

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