Update, July 15, 2015
It is tough to say or even feel much today. I understand that adventurers sometimes can be called on, even at the best point of their life. Still, there are moments today when it’s hard to breathe. Greg was an expert pilot, who could tell stories nobody else knew. He didn’t just break speed records but did so while laughing over the radio and singing to his friends around the campfire at night. He was a troubadour in disguise, unstoppable imaginator, the adventure activist who’d advise you on your most outrageous dreams. I owe Greg some of the best weeks of my life.

On January 16th, 2014, Greg Knudson lands a Boeing 747 cargo jet in Nairobi, Kenya. He then exits one of the heaviest aircraft in the world, carrying one of the lightest on his back: an Enzo 2 paraglider.

After two years of prep, the 52 year-old Californian expat will attack the official FAI paraglider speed record for 200km, ‘surfing’ the Elgeyo cliffs of the African Rift Valley.

Much of Greg’s race course is wilderness. Elephants, buffalo and crocodiles make premature landing a careful assessment. With the seasonal winds and weather usually perfect for the undertaking, Greg has two weeks to succeed.

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