Saudi Arabian Royal Flight / Boeing 747SP-68 / Reg: HZ-AIF arriving and departing on runway 23 at Geneva Cointrin International Airport // Landung und Start der königlichen Boeing 747SP der Saudia auf dem Flughafen Genf // Atérissage et décollage du Boeing 747 royale de Saudia a l’aéroport international de Genève


  1. Well as much as I think 747 is the most pretty airplane, the SP is the ugliest I guess. I doesn't make sense at all. No wonder these planes weren't sold enough

  2. What a shitty airline. You know they have to bring in their stewardesses from goddamn Egypt because Saudi women are not allowed to work.

  3. The SP's were really cool planes. I flew on one once from Rome to Boston back in the early 80's. Nothing else quite like it. Too bad they're no longer in service with US carriers.

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