Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 (G-VGAL) performing a very short takeoff at Manchester Airport! Only 18 seconds between engine spool up and rotation!

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✈Camera: Panasonic HC-V550
✈Tripod/Panhead: Hama Delta Pro 160 3D with Velbon PH-368 panhead

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  1. every one of these magnificent Boeing 747's taking off is spectacular! It all started when the #1 747 RA001 DEPARTED THE RUNWAY IN EVERETT WASH Feb 1969 I believe on its maiden flight…After that it just kept getting better… As far as the most beautiful 747 ever, that award HAS TO goes to the FIRST 747; "THE QUEEN OF THE SKIES….which is the first ever Boeing 747… But we all seem to have our own favorites and the 400 hundred is certainly NO exception… Its purely stunning!!

  2. Wow. That is a very short V1 and rotate. My last 12 takes offs as passenger were averaging 25-28 seconds. Airbus and 737.

  3. Here's a question for any knowledgeable guy or gal out there, but how did that thing get it's nose up off the runway?  I always figured it was the horizontal stabilizers (or elevaetors in this case?) that needed to be tilted at the correct speed (leading edge down/trailing edge up) to push the nose up and then flaps and leading edge wing slats create the lift from there?  I didn't see the H-stabs or elevators move at all.  Am I missing something?

  4. What a splendid video of one of these impressive aircraft.

    Would you have any objection if I were to use fragments of the audio from this and other of your videos as sound effects in a free, open-source non-commercial computer game called Simutrans under the Artistic Licence 1.0? This clip is particularly useful, as it is a good, clean recording of a takeoff of an older jet airliner. I should happily credit you, of course.

  5. Company to pilot, "It just looks like a 747…It really is a STOL…Honest."

    Pilot to company, "Well, OK…if you say so"

  6. Clearly the fuselage was filled with helium, only two pilots on board and they were using hydrogen for the engines. Simple explanation.

    Seriously though, that reminds me of the days when ANA used to fly 747-400D on the HND-ITM pairing and on a super light PAX load one time (not at band camp) we got up in the air so quickly that I said "that was a homesick angel departure" to my friend sitting across the aisle and shortly after heard a chuckle from a seat in front of me. Later I found out it was a company pilot that was flying with his girlfriend and had overheard my comment agreeing that it was a bit vertical on departure. I missed those 'overpowered' D versions.

  7. I have always been amazed at the rate of climb on theses monsters.  Every time I fly in one I expect them to stall after take off.

  8. the plane was empty and the tanks weren't full because a 747 full  of passengers and and filled with tons of fuel can't take off that fast

  9. That because it not got much fuel and it lightweight so maybe it fly from Manchester to London.I looked on flightrader before and sometimes fly not in service.sorry not in service (similar to a bus)

  10. One of my favourite 747 take off ever.  This and another video with a 747 taking off from Boston airport USA are my favourites.  My favourite aircraft 747 Jumbo subscribed

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