Airlines: Singapore Airlines (SIA / SQ)
Flight: SQ748
Origin: Hong Kong International (HKG / VHHH)
Destination: Singapore Changi (SIN / WSSS)
Date: 2012/04
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
Registration: 9V-SPQ
Class: Business
Seat No: 24F
Lounge: SilverKris Lounge Hong Kong
Camera: Nikon D300, Panasonic TS3

Singapore Airlines Boeing 747 Retired Memorial Flight


  1. Excellent review. It really captured the atmosphere. I'll be flying next year with the new A350 SIN to Dusseldorf Germany. Can't wait. The music is fantastic by the way. What is it?

  2. so sad to see this. Only Cargo was operating. SIA also became the largest operator of 747-400 before replaced by BA. SIA 006 was the only fatal crash for SIA 744.

  3. 離開 這一刻感覺不會忘記
    朋友 抱擁告別 明天各自遠飛
    難得 並沒傷感 依依不捨顧慮
    重拾昨天 樂趣一堆

    曾經 每一天相約找美麗去
    陶醉 美的故事互相勉勵去追
    曾經 望著天空一起哭泣至睡
    臨別說起 亦笑相對

    別了依然相信 以後有緣再聚
    未曾重遇以前 要珍惜愛自己
    在最好時刻分離 不要流眼淚
    就承諾在某年 某一天某地點 再見

  4. So Singapore Airlines no longer use the 747? I wonder what British Airways will do with their 747's when they decide to cut them. BA have the biggest 747 fleet in the world.

  5. That must be the best situation and feeling ever: being on the last flight of SQ's 747, being upgraded to business class, and getting miles back for it

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