After 20 years of serving the world and 25 missions safely transporting humans and payloads to and from space, Space Shuttle Endeavour returned home to its birthplace in California on Friday, Sept. 21, on its final mission to become a learning exhibit at the California Science Center (CSC) in Los Angeles.


  1. I remember seeing it at my school flying over my head I was only 7 years old now I'm 12 and I didn't even know it existed, it was protected by 4 jets

  2. It's not just the space shuttle that will be missed but the men and women who spent countless hours training to fly such a marvelous space craft and the place in our heart for those we lost we thank you you will always be remembered.

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  4. Enterprise shuttle pun. These are the voyages of the USS (Boing) Enterprise it's Finished mission to be reused for Shuttling things to the I.S.S. now rusting away along with the Russian Space Shuttles and all the others. You will be missed Enterprise

  5. My dad was a rocket scientist. I remember him coming home one evening and announcing son were not working on Apollo or Lunar excursion module any longer. He says we're going to build something we can use and reuse. That's when Shuttle program started. He managed the team developing reinforced carbon carbon used on the leading wing edges and nose cone.

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