SSG Boeing 747-8i Advanced for X-plane 11 & 10

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SSG 747-8 Intercontinental Advanced – Making the Boeing 747 as enjoyable as possible

The Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental is a state-of-the-art, high-capacity 747 with new engines, new wings and a dramatically enhanced passenger experience.

The fourth generation of Boeing 747, the 747-8i is the largest version and the largest commercial aircraft built in the United States. It is also the longest passenger aircraft in the world.

– Officially licensed by the Boeing Corporation.
– Completely rebuilt from scratch, building on SSG’s experience with its popular freeware 747-8 releases.
– Accurate 3D external model based on 2D and 3D drawings supplied by Boeing, complete with animations and hi-res textures
– Aircraft meets most of the real aircraft’s performance data for consumption, AOA, speeds, flight dynamics, etc. in consultation with real world 747 pilots.
– Manufacturer’s performance data embedded as tables in the fully functional FMC.
– Realistic 3D cockpit with high resolution, in all render settings.
– Realistic displays (PFD, ND, EICAS, and MFD with system synoptics)
– Many systems are implemented with realistic logic, such as electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, engine fire extinguishing, fuel (with dumping capability), wing and engine anti-ice (including automatic mode), communications, and TCAS.
– Electronic checklist system that can automatically detect certain aircraft configuration changes
– Complete autopilot functioning in modes similar to the real aircraft
– External lights and strobes operate realistically.
– Display management similar to that in the real aircraft (information can be switched between displays).
– First Officer’s ND display is independent from the Captain’s, and ND has a pop-up option
– EICAS messages based on the real aircraft’s with lists for multiple pages and recall capability.
– Autobrakes with anti-skid system that works in all conditions and includes a realistic rejected takeoff mode.
– Realistic wing flex and other animations.
– Window rain effects and animated wipers (viewable from the cockpit).
– Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) with payload management, fueling and pushback menus.
– Ground vehicles include a tow truck, fuel truck, and GPU
– 3D sounds with Dream Engine plugin.
– TSS (Turbine Sound Studio) real recorded sounds.

Custom built-in FMC and Navigation
– FMC made by FJCC especially for the 747-8i with more than 100 interactions with the flight model, including SIDs, STARs, transitions, approaches, flare and rollout modes.
– FMC is compatible with AeroSoft’s NavDataPro and Navigraph navigation databases.
– Option to use either a 2D pop-up (resizable) FMC or one within the 3D cockpit.
– Custom radio communication and audio consoles with digital keypad optimized for on-line virtual ATC operations.
– FMC performance information based on real aircraft data, including calculated V-speeds.
– FMC includes capability for autotuning navaid frequencies.
– Vertical Situation Display (VSD) on the ND (a first for X-Plane)
– Airport diagrams displayed on the ND (a first for X-Plane)
– Terrain display mode on the ND, which is a part of the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) on the real aircraft.
– Compatible with the AirFMC app to permit the use of an iPad as an external FMC
– Ability to switch the displays between magnetic and true heading presentations.
– Comprehensive Flight Crew Operation Manual (FCOM) and a Quick Start Guide.

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  1. Great video Thomas! 🙂 I'm very new to Xplane, I'm finding the trackIR movements are very exaggerated when I use it, no matter what settings I use.. I barely move my head, and I'm out of the cockpit, or behind the seat! This is dampening my x-plane experience so far, any tips? Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Thomas! Great video! I was wondering….what is the Dubai scenery you used in several videos? Does it requires OpenSceneryx? Thank you

  3. Absolutely beautiful video. I'm tempted to buy this (I won't though) while I wait for the pmdg 747-8 v3. I'm such a nice plane though…

  4. Hi Thomas. That´s an awesome video, man! What sceneries are you using? St. Maarten, NYC? Where are they available? Is it XP 10?

  5. Very nice! I have been enjoying your videos for the past year now and can't wait to see what next year brings! Have a good one

  6. Nice video man. I always found the SSG 748 a bit cartoonish looking for my taste. Seems they've fixed that now in XP11.

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