KLM Flight 0785, 08 Jun 2010 from St. Maarten to Amsterdam.
Departure time 01.20 pm, Seat 12A.


  1. 1:16 oh look! All the idiots seem to be ready for that hot jetwash and sand being blasted in their faces at over 100 mph. Not sure what the appeal of that is. If I were the pilot I would sit on the brakes a few extra seconds and be laughing my ass off though.

  2. I think that most people on a plane who act like they're in a bus or s.th. really don't realize what is going on. 🙂 You're sitting in an incredible machine with 120000hp of thrust wich catapults you in the sky as you take part in the miracle of human flight. hundreds of generations have dreamed about it, you can do it. It's just awesome.

  3. i love this vid so i award it 10/10..when i watch it after having a few beers it makes me think ive been on hoilday and i am returning home!/…so now i dont need to go on holiday, SO i dont need to book one for the 4 of us! what a saving! $10.000, or £8.000 towards my .911 turbo!/

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