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Stop of an period: U.S. Airways retiring last Boeing 747 passenger jets


KING 5’s Glenn Farley studies.

By the stop of 2017, you will no more time be capable to get a ticket aboard a U.S. owned 747 passenger airliner in scheduled services. It is been 47 many years considering that the period commenced in 1970 aboard the Everett built Boeing jets that would transform traveling for good.

United options to fly its last 747 on a particular flight among San Francisco and Honolulu on November 7.  Delta, with the only other remaining 747 passenger fleet claims it will make its last flights by the stop of the calendar year, the remaining flight not still identified.  Delta now only flies the jet in worldwide services among Detroit and Shanghai, China together with a flight among Detroit and Seoul,  South Korea.

The only other U.S. owned 747 passenger jets still believed to be traveling are a very small handful in constitution services.  The remainder are freighters.

Does this suggest the 747 period is more than totally?  No.  On Monday, Qatar Airways is anticipated to pick up its very first 747-8 freighter.  As a freighter, the Boeing jet has no immediate level of competition.  With its opening nose exposing its cavernous inside, Boeing proceeds to have orders on the textbooks for freighter versions but is developing the jets at the plodding charge of just 6 for every calendar year.

But if you are willing to fly aboard a overseas airline, you can still hitch a experience on a 747, and will probable be capable to for many years to come.  Lufthansa, Korean Air, together with Air China work the more recent 747-8 Intercontinental.  No American carriers at any time procured this most current version of the  U.S.-built airplane. British Airways also proceeds to fly a substantial fleet of 747-four hundred passenger jets, as do some other worldwide carriers, while these numbers are also anticipated to dwindle.

Why the transform?  For the most section, traveling has changed.  When the 747 was released, it normally would fly among large hub airports this kind of as JFK in New York, LAX in California, together with London and Tokyo.  

Lesser airplanes this kind of as 727s on domestic flights would normally feed travellers to the Jumbo jets, whilst connecting flights inside of Europe or Asia would comprehensive vacation for travellers who needed to access their remaining destinations in smaller desired destination towns.  

That change in traveling has benefitted many of Boeing’s other jets this kind of as the 767, 787  and the 777, together with Airbus jets this kind of as the A330.  Traveling transitioned to more time extra immediate flights among smaller town pairs, say from Seattle to Xiamen, China.  That all penalized jumbo sized jets, as Airbus as well struggles to promote extra large double deck A380s, which seat even extra than 747-8 Intercontinentals at 450 travellers in a 3-course configuration.

As for that remaining United flight, it will be all retro.  The airline claims flight crews will wear seventies period uniforms, together with foods and leisure which harken again to commence of a  10 years when 747s were the most current detail.   

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