Classic footage of the Swissair Boeing 747-300 filmed in 1997 at Zurich Airport. Download the full 2 hour film for just $15 at


  1. Took a flight of Swissair 747-300 from Hong Kong to Seoul (Gimpo Airport) back in 1994 Feb. The upper deck was configured with economy class seats. Quite a new experience for me!

  2. These old girls are undeniably the greatest aircraft of all time and deserve the title of the Queen of the skies. I also think the A380 and A350 from airbus and Boeing's 777 and 787 are awesome and in time, will also have a place in the same category as the Queen. I still get those butterflies in my stomach when I see a B747 just as I can remember feeling when I was a 4-5 yo boy. Is there anyone out there who has flown on the B747 who does not have a place for her in their hearts?

  3. Awesome video. I was wondering if you guys knew how to get access to the airport tarmac to film, I'm filming a short documentary and I was wanting to get closeups of aircraft at the gates, I can't with the way DFW airport is situated from the observation deck.

  4. Huge thanks for sharing this epic video. A little history about this Boeing 747. According to Airfleets.Net, this Boeing 747 started flying with Swissair in 1983, until 2000. On September 2000 was transfer to South African Airways until 2004. It change hands several times, flying with Air Atlanta Icelandic, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Iberia Air Algerie, Air Atlanta Europe. It was put in storage on June 2008, and it was scrapped later on.

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