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From being a stop gap to one of the greatest planes ever built, we look at ten amazing facts about the Boeing 747 family!

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  1. I live where this plane gets built (Everette, WA). But have never flown it. Hopefully I will get to fly it at least once in my life.

  2. You forgot to mention the innumerable crashes of the 747 and the Boeing 747 was included in the top 3 most deadliest aviation crashes. But I still appreciate the jet liner

  3. My birthday is on Feb. 9 so it is so cool to have the first Boeing 747 to take off on my birthday

  4. These are my ten amazing facts about the 747
    It's awesome
    It's amazing
    Its cool
    It's gnarly duuuuuuuude like so rad
    It's exciting
    It's incredible
    It's extreme
    I can't think of anymore adjectives

  5. Isn't Clipper Young America the one in Tenerife? I thought it was Clipper Young American, not Clipper Victor?

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