The Boeing 747 Family – From the 747SP to the 747-8

The Boeing 747 is a wide-body commercial airliner and cargo transport aircraft, often referred to by its original nickname, Jumbo Jet, or Queen of the Skies. It is among the world’s most recognizable aircraft and was the first wide-body ever produced. Manufactured by Boeing’s Commercial Airplane unit in the United States, the original version of the 747 was two and a half times the size of the Boeing 707, one of the common large commercial aircraft of the 1960s. First flown commercially in 1970, the 747 held the passenger capacity record for 37 years.

34 thoughts on “The Boeing 747 Family – From the 747SP to the 747-8

  1. Isaac Stebleton

    Adding a sub-title to match the aircraft would help the ones who don't know much about aircraft, or the airline.

  2. Duckson-Kelly Mfiengi

    The Boeing 747 Is Just Most Beautiful Commercial Airplane Ever Built Up To Now! Slick, Inspires Power, It's Engines Roar Are Just Oouuuufff…. And Inspires Command From It's Filght Deck Position! And The 747-8i Is Just Killing It. The Longest Commercial Air Plane
    For Ever Queen Of The Skies!
    A380 Sorry. You Just Look Fat And Ugly!

  3. Kristoffer Thorsheim

    Missing the 300 series of the popular aircraft, however nice video. Learned something new today as well. 🙂

  4. Ezoko Co.

    At 5:35 you can see , that all four engines make different volume of smoke… Why ? They are not correctly adjusted ? Or it is typically ?

  5. Sam Fitton

    I prefer the A320 series over the B737 but I think the 747 is nicer than the A380 , there's something majestic about her.

  6. gcm747

    Lucky enough to have flown on 747-100, 200, SP and 400. Without a doubt the most beautiful aircraft to ever fly. Sadly, even with the 800, her days are numbered.

  7. Bernaldo Rolle

    i love these videos but if you were to but a model description on your videos to let viewers know which is which then your videos would be perfect

  8. Stanley Jean

    now I can land you fly you land touch you rub you fly you land you hug you rub you touch you fly you land you….land you the easiest to land


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