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Thanks for watching like always, I hope that you enjoy this one especially because i really worked hard on it. The music isn’t everyone’s liking but maybe you can turn a blind eye about that thing… 🙂
Used add-ons:
PMDG 747-400
Project Opensky 747-8
CLS 747-200/300
Project Opensky 747-100
Aerosoft Frankfurt
UK2000 London Heathrow
Flytampa Boston, Tampa and Montral
ORBX FTX England and FTX Global
SunSkyJet Philadelphia
FlightBeam San Francisco
Recorded/Edited with Fraps, FsRecorder and Sony Vegas Pro 12.


  1. I preafer A380 but in my opinion the 747 rest the most beautiful legend of our sky with concorde.
    Without Boeing concurrency, Airbus wont be so good.

  2. R.I.P Boeing 747 family, first flight: 1969-Boeing canceled the 747 operation: 2017, still in service with some airlines. Once no longer in service, she will forever and always be remembered in our aviation enthusiast hearts as…. The Plane… That Changed The World

  3. You did a great job! For me the 747 is and always be the Queen of the Skies !
    But you did a few mistakes:
    1- You forgot to mention about a few 747 variants :
         (a) The Air Force One : How can you forget presidential aircraft ?
         (b) 747SP (Special performance) variant,which had a longer range and a higher cruising altitude
         (c) YAL-1 The airborne laser equipped 747-400.
    2-You used Boeing logo at the start and also at the end which gives it an advertisement like feel, a bit. Plus this logo is the trademark of Boeing company and it can therefore create some legal problems for you.

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