A Flight Simulator 2004 and Combat Flight Simulator 3 film by “Unstung”.
DOWNLOAD the screenplay: http://www.mediafire.com/?qyf1tcyaa16…
A war veteran finally got his chance to fly in the Korean War; he wanted to be a pilot for all of his life prior to that. When he entered high school, World War II was raging to a close. The end of the war, however, did give him a chance to become a fighter pilot. After high school, the veteran enlisted in the United States Air Force. He was just old enough that time and finally got a taste of flight, flying an F-86 Sabre in the Korean War. He loved flying until his last sortie; soon before his involvement in Korea would end and the ceasefire was signed. Since his terrible final sortie, the veteran has avoided returning to Korea to remember for fifty years. It is now 2003, and the veteran reflects back on the war in 1953 and how he has changed since then during his flight to Incheon International Airport, near Seoul, South Korea aboard a Boeing 747. This is his final sortie, a patrol, in MiG Alley.

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