Actor Jack Lemmon, who played Clarence Darrow in the 1999 film version of Inherit The Wind: “My congratulations to Mr. Perloff for an outstanding piece of work.” Publisher’s Weekly, 8–30–99:”James Perloff’s intriguing Tornado in a Junkyard aims to debunk evolutionary theory in favor of creationism. Perloff, a former contributing editor to the New American, draws upon the work of neo-Darwinists and geneticists to argue that ‘while microevolution does occur – meaning minor adaptations and variations within a species there is no solid evidence for macroevolution or conversion of one animal type into another.” Homeschooling Today, Jan/Feb-2000:”Why another ‘anti-evolution’ book? Because Tornado in a Junkyard is different. Author James Perloff, a former fanatical atheist and anti-creationist, understands the othersides point of view. He presents fact that logically disprove Darwinism.” You’ll love the part about why ‘monkeys can’t type Shakespeare. “Did we really go from “atom to Adam”? Can unthinking molecules turn themselves into thinking human beings? No one has answered that question more picturesquely then Sir Fred Doyle. Nature quoted the astronomer as saying that the probability of higher life forms emerging by chance are comparable to the odds that “a tornado sweeping through a junk-yard might assemble a Boeing 747 from the materials therein.”

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