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“During a transatlantic flight from New York to London, at a cruising altitude of thirty-five thousand feet, a communications link between an Intel-based notebook computer, perched on a tray in front of the passenger in seat 3A of the Boeing 747, and a Sun workstation on the twentieth floor in a Merrill Lynch brokerage house in Sydney initiates the transfer of investment capital from a Swiss bank account to a corporate venture involving a Zhejiang textile mill. The event produces an ambiguity of scale that defies geometrical analysis. Proximity and location become ineffective measures of spatiality. Distance loses its objectivity – its edge – to pressing questions of boundary and connectivity.
Geometry gives way to changing topologies as the transfer of a specific pattern of zeros and ones, represented as so many pixels on a screen, induces the flow of capital and a consequent change in the material conditions of the Zhejiang mill and surrounding community. With the click of a mouse, space, time, and matter are mutually reconfigured in this cyborg “trans-action” that transgresses and reworks the boundaries between human and machine, nature and culture, and economic and discursive practices.”

Citat fra “Meeting the Universe Halfway: Quantum Phisycs and the Entanglement of Matter and Meaning” af Karen Barad

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