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Airline: British Airways
Airplane: Airbus A320 | Boeing 747-400
Registration: G-EUUU | G-BNLL
From: Vienna Schwechta
Via: London Heathrow
To: Los Angeles Intl.
Date: August 1st, 2013


  1. In T5 if you take the lift down to the bottom there is a moving walkway that avoids the horrid train, and hardly anyone uses it so you can just it takes half the time.

  2. the approach into Heathrow is awesome, we did 6 spirals downwards before landing, whilst being trailed by an a340 behind and above us!

  3. do they allow you to film in-flight? And which camera was used to film… Also, did nobody look at you like you were crazy when you filmed your food? XD Sorry about all the questions but was it Heathrow you were at in the second part, and which seat number?

  4. even a economy class of british airways is better than our stinking air india express flight from all gulf countries to india.
    To all british nationals,please donot travel in Air india express flight or you will be sorry.I heard air india flight is ok.

  5. Early Morning, is the busiest time at Heathrow. The apron is rammed. You should look at flightradar24 at 6 am. All the heavies (B747 etc), arrive from Asia.

  6. Question to the author: do You remember about how long did You wait for custom Clarence in ques at LAX ??? . I  did remember TB Terminal LAX cost US about 5.5 hrs…

  7. I actually wonder if I'm going to fly to Heathrow from Boston in the same 747 you were in, in 3 days. My itinerary says I'm flying British Airways, so who knows?…

  8. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! I will have a British Airways flight From Washington Dulles to Accra, Ghana with a connection at LHR this July. Now I have an idea of what my flight will look like!

  9. Really great video! I'll be using British Airways when I travel to Germany this June. I also get to stop by London. :3 I too will record my flight experience. x) By the way I saw in the comments that you were 15. I'm 15 too!

  10. Sadly it appears that G-BNLL has now been written off after its unfortunate collision while taxiing at Johannesburg just over 3 months after you published this video 🙁  Nice video – I haven't flown on a 747 for a long long time.

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