Another first for us, the Cargolux 747-8! Watch as the tiny tug pushes this massive piece of machinery out of the Western U cargo terminal, then listen to the howl of the GEnx engines starting in our first ever startup footage from the cargo terminal! We were extremely lucky as we sped the ~2 miles around MIA’s runway 9 and arrived just in time at the furniture store to catch Cargolux take off!
This hits 41.73 on our Sound Scale! That’s quite a bit quieter than a lightly-loaded Triple Seven takeoff!
Filmed from Western U and from just east of El Dorado Furniture. BJG 7/17/15
Music: “The Monorail Song” (Tomorrowland 2055 Version)


Canon T3i
55-250mm telephoto lens
Zoom H1 microphone
Tripod with Magnus VPH-20 head

Aircraft Featured:

LX-VCJ “City of Zhengzhou”
Boeing 747-8R7/F
cn 38077
built February 2014
4x GE GEnx-2B67
CLX / CV 659 to Luxembourg LUX


  1. I just realized, it's pretty sad that none of you guys were able to catch the Iron Maiden Ed Force One Boeing 747-400 while it was down here in Fort Lauderdale!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous video! Amazing sound quality and sunset shot, plus a CLX 747-8F, who doesn't love those! What is TrueSound?

  3. Wow, what an amazing video!! The 747-8 is a good looking aircraft!! Big Like and subscribed 🙂 Greetings from Luxembourg 🙂

  4. Absolutely love the shot at 4:32! NextGen jumbo looks incredible up close, and you guys are so fortunate to spot at MIA!! Jumbo like for the jumbo jet

  5. Enjoyed this video a lot! Great camera with full of details and Cargolux is one of my favourites Cargo Airlines! Liked!

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