A now-retired Delta 747 takeoff from FLL! This extremely rare military charter received a water cannon salute before taxiing out to 10L! Check out the insane close-up footage as we filmed the massive Queen taxi by right in front of us!! And finally, listen to the sound of four PW4000 engines spool up to takeoff power!

John 13:34 – “So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.”

Filmed from the Ron Gardner observation area. BJG + SJH (+ MVP in spirit through his Delta hat) 4/10/16
Apologies for the switching views. It was necessary to eliminate the more shaky parts.
Music: Horizons EPCOT Center Tribute


Canon T3i
55-250mm telephoto lens
Canon SL1
18-55mm standard lens
Zoom H1 microphone
Tripod with Magnus VPH-20 head

Aircraft Featured:

N665US (Ex Northwest Airlines)
Boeing 747-451 (retired and stored at MZJ 12/01/16)
cn 23820
built 1989
4x PW PW4056
DAL / DL 8966 to El Paso BIF


  1. Had a chance to fly on a couple 747s in my life and I can specifically remember the second time in a United flight from ord to SFO, you're inside such a massive plane but when those 4 engines kick in it actually put me back in the seat and you can feel the immense power the 747-400 had. Of course once at flight level there's something about that plane that makes you feel super safe up at 43,000 feet and I wish it was an even longer flight. Sadly less and less of these are around and not many airlines bought the 747-8. Maybe I'll take a trip somewhere just to fly on one lol

  2. Sad really cause I do fly with delta now operates 777 s which ok but I m still sad sad , which I m now heading to BA which still operates 747s

  3. Saturday 27 June "17 at 4 PM I was traveling to FLL south on US1 at the big Mercedes dealer when a blast of shiny white passed almost in front of me I tried to grab my binocs and steer straight, it was either a DC8 or707 painted with either a NASA or NOAA logo on the fusilage.I pulled off and punched up Flightradar24 on my I phone and it indicated itwas in fact a DC8 from NASA Rarely see any 4 engine planes @FLL.When watching Norwegian Air landing in early eves the 787 doesn't look at all like a large aircraft

  4. Disappointing that Delta and United are retiring their 747 fleets. There should be some economic measures to keep them flying such as more fuel efficient engines, or something. Where is the gratitude for them saving Boeing after their 2707 debacle.?

  5. Very cool! I used to live 5 mins from that airport and it's pretty rare to get a 747 taking off from there. I still remembered when the Concorde came in for the last time. Great video!!

  6. To all airline pilots, stop slurring your speech, when you're talking to ATC.   I've heard drunk people talk with more clarity when speaking to other people.

  7. You should listen to it through Bose speakers it sounds like an absolutely monstrous beast. Yes I know subwoofers are better you'll say.

  8. Amazing sound, that's the way it suppose to sound with strong bass and natural. I see so many videos on you tube in which the video quality is high, but the sound of the engines is pathetic and not realistic like it is on your video!

  9. Awesome catch. As many times as I've gone to FLL to watch planes I've never seen a 747, since they mostly land at MIA. How did you know it would land there?

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