Dublin Airport
United Airlines Boeing 747-4 N177UA
( 720pHD+1080pHD )


  1. Beautiful plane, though I pity the people experiencing the well-known United service product onboard. Surly flight attendants who are usually old enough to be your mother, the same seat you would've gotten if you were downgraded one class on a European/ME3 carrier, and last generation's IFE that is in working order if you're lucky.

  2. Ken what a great video once again,I hope u dont mind i shared it on my page on Facebook,Im the guy u where talkin to last night ,Always remember Jesus loves u all :),

  3. was that united 747 just a one off visit to dublin are is it going to be back again it sure would be nice to have a 747 coming to dublin airport again and i see their was a atlas air 767 in aswell its about time dublin started bringing in more huge planes with 4 engines on them again .

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