A full flight video with United Airlines onboard Boeing 747-400 N181UA operating flight UA927 from Frankfurt to San Francisco on June 17 2017.




Airline: United Airlines
Flight: UA927 (callsign “UNITED 927”)
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400 N181UA
From: Frankfurt (FRA)
To: San Francisco (SFO)
Departure: 17:50
Arrival: 19:33
Flight Time: 10:43
Seat: 53A
Flight Path:

**THUMBNAIL: Thanks to Simeon Lüthi **

Our trip to San Francisco begins today in the terminal at Frankfurt International Airport. We make our way to our gate, Z25, where our beautiful aircraft is waiting for us. After a secondary security check and document check we board our aircraft and take our seat in row 53. Before long we are welcomed onboard by our captain, Molly Flanagan, who welcomes us aboard ‘this beautiful Boeing 747, which we have the privilege of flying to San Francisco today’. We soon push back from the stand and the mighty engines power into life, before we taxi to runway 25C. We make a heavy climb out, before making a right turn to head towards Germany’s north coast. We fly north over the North Sea, before hitting the east coast of Greenland around 3.5 hours into the flight. We are treated to fantastic views of the mountains in the east of Greenland, before heading across the enormous Greenland Ice Sheet, which is 680 miles wide. After we cross Greenland’s west coast, we fly over Baffin Island, Canada, and get some amazing views of Canada’s frozen north. We head down across the Northwest Territories towards Yellowknife, before the ground gradually changes from ice to rock, and eventually plains as we fly over Alberta. We get a great view of Edmonton, and Banff National Park. From there we head into the US over Washington which is cloudy. The cloud clears again as we pass into Oregon, giving us great views of the Beaver State. We head towards the border with California, crossing more beautiful scenery as we head south. We commence our descent and are soon getting a wonderful view of San Francisco. We pass the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, downtown and the entire bay area all within a few minutes. We then make a sweeping left turn over the mountains, taking a visual approach to runway 28R. We approach over the bay and touch down very smoothly on runway 28R. We then exit the runway and taxi into the terminal, disembarking through the forward doors and saying goodbye to Captain Molly Flanagan as we leave the aircraft. We head to CBP (passport control) and then through the baggage claim and customs, emerging from the airport on a beautiful sunny evening.


0:00:06 Walking through Frankfurt Airport to departure gate
0:06:38 Our Boeing 747 on stand
0:07:18 Boarding and taking our seat in 53A
0:48:47 Captain Molly Flanagan welcomes us onboard
0:58:00 Pushback and engine start
1:00:04 Safety video
1:05:40 Taxi to runway 25C
1:11:13 Takeoff from runway 25C
1:37:39 After takeoff water
1:39:34 After takeoff snack
1:44:15 Crossing Dutch coast near to Groningen
1:52:43 Cabin overview
2:06:14 Checking our progress on the Flight Nav app and FlightRadar24
2:16:55 Dinner service
2:26:55 Wine service
2:44:32 Cabin overview
4:35:46 Cabin overview
4:37:14 Crossing east coast of Greenland
5:04:57 Rear cabin overview
5:12:42 Cabin overview
5:30:37 Cabin overview
6:23:11 Ice floes in Baffin Bay
6:31:23 Crossing Canadian coast over Baffin Island
6:43:52 Beautiful inlets on Baffin Island
7:37:59 Drinks service
9:04:30 East of Fort McMurray, Alberta
9:30:00 Edmonton, Alberta
9:51:38 Banff National Park
10:47:47 Malheur National Forest, OR
10:48:58 Snack service
10:58:33 Lake Abert, OR
11:04:28 Fremont National Forest, OR
11:14:53 Burney Mountain, CA
11:24:00 Close flyby: Alaska Airlines B737-800, SJC-PDX
11:28:45 Top of descent
11:29:35 Antelope Valley, CA
11:30:08 ATC: Contacting Oakland Center
11:36:02 Petaluma, CA
11:38:32 San Pablo Bay, CA
11:40:29 San Franciso Bay, Golden Gate Bridge
11:41:06 San Francisco, CA
11:43:52 San Mateo Bridge
11:44:40 Foster City, CA
11:52:38 Turning onto final approach to runway 28R
11:55:15 Landing on runway 28R, taxi to gate
12:06:20 Disembarking through forward doors, walking through terminal


  1. Peccato per le troppe nubi sulla Groenlandia,ma il video mentre sorvoli il Nunvut me lo sò visto tutto!!! Complimenti,davvero. Volevo chiederti…che periodo era? A vedere le maniche corte dalla Germania e gli iceberg e i ghiacciai parzialmente sciolti nell'Artico credo estate piena.. E vorrei sapere pure l'orario di partenza e arrivo per capire a che ora hai sorvolato l'Artico. Di sicuro doveva essere estate,altrimenti anche in pieno giorno a quella latitudine(ho visto la rotta esatta di questo volo e dovevi esser'di poco al di sotto del Circolo polare artico…)sarebbe stato"tramonto"se non quasi buio verso il solstizio invernale. P.S.Non ci son'mai stato(mio fratello si),ma credo che San Francisco sia bellissima…

  2. Che culo….pure col jumbo hai volato 🙂 presa nel'99 la United quando era ancora Continental,fino a San Josè de Costarica passando per Newark e Houston. Continuo a guardare il tuo video.. Va bene in italiano? Mi pare che tu lo sia…

  3. darion williams i don't think you understand that this plane is not burning fuel when it is landing. airlines don't fill a plane full of fuel they put the bare minimum to get to the destination, so the fuel tank is always empty when it lands so they can then fill it with the bare minimum again for the next flight. no offense but your points are not valid

  4. Wonderful video. I've been several times on this route and really appreciate the approach and final phase of the flight. Usually we were cleared for the GoldenGate arrival and visual for 28R.
    Amazazing that ATC changed clearance on final from 28L to 28R rwy !
    How do you recorded the whole flight ? And how do you recorded audio ATC as well ?
    Really a nice video:

  5. Good catch, no speedbrakes or reverse. So 3 guys sat and watched the (pilot flying), assuming double crew and said nothing about the speedbrakes not armed, and then if it couldnt get worse, they sat and watched him not use reverse, which would have automatically raised the speedbrakes? Pro standards would love to watch this. I wonder what they didnt catch on the takeoff?

  6. do you have some sort of tripod or do you have to hold the camera up the whole time? Must be hard work! Thank you!

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