Quite impressive takeoff by the Boeing 747-400 of our national Airline, Air India. Due to maintenance work near the main taxiway of Mumbai Airport, all the aircrafts got a shortened runway for takeoff. India flights..
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Camera: Sony Hdr Cx-240e

Video © jemi1210


  1. lol…it's not a shortened runway mate. The "runway" really begins at the white markings (threshold) not at the "extra" behind that known as the displaced threshold. The DT usually has >>> before the runway threshold and can be used for taking off and taxi but not landing. So even if this 744 was fully loaded he'd still have enough runway to take off where he started since runways are scaled to max payload. Of course every pilot would like more runway, but it was a safe take off nonetheless. Nothing really impressive.

  2. beautiful plumo breasted indian actresses fly the Indian plane naked .go take a ride and see for yourself if i lie then it must be some other airlines

  3. normal distance takeoff.
    want to see long takeoff runs.  Johannesburg South Africa. high altitude, high temperature, high humidity.
    runways almost 5 km long in Johannesburg

  4. bhaiyo ye air india itna short takeoff q hua pata h ? qk jo small airplane hote he jese ki indigo wo max 250 to 300 kts k speed m takeoff hota h or boeing 747-400 jese kai sare airplane h wo max 500 kts k speed m takeoff hota h or hame lagta h k bohot shortly takeoff hoa h

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