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This video shows what seems to be a Buzzard hitting the fuselage of this Virgin Boeing 747 as it is just about to land on runway 23R at Manchester Airport. Reg: G-VGAL c/n;32337 Date Filmed: 22nd July 2014. While initially filming this 747 land, I could only see the bird after re-watching the footage, but also hearing the Air Traffic Control comms, I could see what had happened, a bird had hit the fuselage as it was travelling at about 155 knots. This aircraft was built and delivered to Virgin Atlantic in 2001. It was later confirmed on Ground that bird debris had been found on the runway. I hope you enjoyed and thanks for watching! Please like, comment and subscribe for weekly Full HD videos.

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  1. are you nuts? how can you land here? that is a military air force base of the defense force, you can't land your civilian 747 aircraft here. so fuck off! that is the army air force base are you dumb they could shoot your air craft down!!!

  2. MAN TWR: Virgin 76 Xray, wind calm, 23R, cleared to land.

    VIR 76X: Cleared to land 23R, Virgin 76 Xray.

    Bird: Tower, I'm still on the runway.


    Bird: Mayday mayday mayday, collided with 747….


  3. Silly video. That was not a 'birdstrike' – a BIRDSTRIKE is when the bird enters the engine. This was a mildly interesting non event.

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