Footage from the end of Runway 26L as Virgin Atlantic VS43 Boeing 747- 400 G-VROM Jumbo Jet conducts an emergency landing at London’s Gatwick Airport (LGW)

VS43 was en-route to Las Vegas (LAS) when the pilots became aware of a landing gear issue involving the right-wing undercarriage.

The registration of the aircraft is G-VROM.

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  1. if u spend 6 months in a foreign country or even have a lecture to attend it makes sense. but to travel miles and miles just to sight see is ludacris. rather then wasting crucial fund in going to space why not invest in uber or something. don't be a fool. boycott all virgin products until we have something useful to society instead. think about where u spend ur money. its becoming difficult to survive in this world. oil will run out soon. u going to space to escape? be financially aware. it is ur world. not Richard bransons. boycott all Richard Branson assets.

  2. What are you mad? you can't just stop in the middle of the runway! there are 2 aircrafts coming in to land! ARE YOU FUCKING MAD? GET YOUR AIRCRAFT OFF THE RUNWAY YOU STUPID FOOL!! THEY WILL CRASH YOU!!!

  3. Should have landed more to the left and trimmed to the right with the rudder. Lucky the right wing barely cleared the runway given the hard left trim right after landing.

  4. My vision of what happened: This 744 probably suffered a hydraulic system4 failure (look at rh outboard elevator not moving along with the rest.)which caused the wing landing gears to be extended in alternate mode,leaving the wing landing gears open upon landing.(gravity extend) In order to properly extend, the wing gear doors are equipped with a "striker plate" which should be greased properly. It is positioned so that wheel #14 hits the striker plate and pushes the wing gear door open (hydraulic pressure side connected to return side in altn mode). If this plate is not properly greased, the tire has too much friction on the striker plate and the gear gets stuck on it. I've seen it before. Therefore, do maintenance. It's important..

  5. I see that I can look up the exact plan which has registration G-Vrom and it flies about twice a day to the USA. I can't seem to find how long it was taken out of service to fix the problem? It must have sustained damage from the landing?

  6. Looked a bloody heavy for a landing on a weakened gear to me. I see some are suggesting that was to try and knock the gear free, but I can't see it getting down and locked even it did jar free. And before anybody asks me how many times I have doe this with a 747, same number of times as you have.

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