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The VW Touareg vs a Boeing 747!

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  1. Is that plane filled with buyout paperwork for the fools who bought the TDI garbage here in the states? How can anyone be shocked they cheat on emissions. Every light colored VW with a diesel I see has a jet black bumper from the exhaust… even when driver looks to be in their 60's.

  2. Nissan Patrol Y62 5.6 V8 400hp 560nm (gasoline) has beat the record guinness towing 170 tonnes airplane and he's the leader now

  3. People must not know you don't need much power to do that. Pulling is not towing. When they advertise trucks towing its because its showing the truck under a load being capable of handling the weight, so this is just a useless parlor trick so to speak. That giant pin connecting the jet liner to the car, if it was really necessary then the mounting point to the car would have been broken since it is only 1/8th inch sub framing. If you really think this car is better than a truck pit it against one of those big heavy duty trucks to see which actually handles weight better.

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