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Up near Seattle, there is a feast for the eyes of aviation geeks at Paine Area. It’s a compact airport positioned following to the Boeing Everett manufacturing unit, which is the primary assembly location for Boeing’s largest jets, the 747, 767, 777 and 787.

It’s also the position exactly where Boeing “delivers” its huge jets to airline consumers with great fanfare.

When you are dealing with traveling behemoths like 747s it’s hard to retain techniques. But based on the picture previously mentioned, which has been circulating in aviation circles for the previous couple days, it seems that Boeing has a thing beneath wraps.

What could it be?

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Paine Area (PAE) is positioned following to Boeing’s significant Everett manufacturing unit north of Seattle (Graphic: Wikimedia Commons)

Obviously what we see in the photo is a Boeing 747-8, the only 747 variant that Boeing still manufactures at Everett. This a person is the -8f that means it’s a freighter vs the -8i for passengers. (You can explain to by seeking at the shorter, non-prolonged bubble.)

But why the brown paper wrapping? Is it a gift for somebody? Potentially a huge new cargo jet correctly destined for the United Parcel Provider fleet?

I arrived at out to a Boeing spokesperson to inquire about this, and he stated, “We are producing some changes to our 747 Everett paint approach, and this airplane has been partly painted and awaiting the following paint section.  The wrap is to safeguard the exterior of the airplane.”

Who’s it for, I asked. “We can not disclose the consumer,” he stated.

So I asked Matt Cawby, who took the picture and put it on the internet site if he knew. His reply: “The airplane was in the paint hangar last, nowadays it’s at the gasoline dock. I have no strategy why it is fully masked off.”

In the conclude, it’s probably true that we have just caught a 747 in the center of a paint work, but it certain tends to make you ponder!

So….what do YOU imagine? Would appreciate to hear your remarks and speculation about this peculiar brown hen!  

UPDATE!! Secret solved when United Parcel Provider tweeted about its new huge hen:


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