The normal engine of a Boeing 747 is with four engines, if it has only 3 engines underneath the wings it is a induce for issue, if it has only two, very well … You are in a really difficult scenario.

But this case we&#39re heading to converse about now is a Qantas Boeing 747 that took five engines, that&#39s appropriate, but a single of them was just there as lifeless fat and aerodynamic drag generator.

This took place when a Qantas Boeing 747 experienced engine problems in Johannesburg to assist the plane that was unable to return to Australia, Qantas experienced to send a motor to be replaced in the South African city

Two hypotheses had been lifted, the engine was heading to Johannesburg across the sea, using a prolonged time Or they would take the engine on a Boeing 747 as a result of the “Fifth Pod” obtainable on the remaining wing of the plane, but the business only has four plane of that ability, so it experienced to re-route the fleet to use this kind of a support

In element, the VH-OJU, which was in Johannesburg, was equipped with this functionality, so Qantas only experienced 3 plane capable of carrying that engine. Not poor when your crisis is distinctive.

The plane dependable for rescuing the -OJU again in the air was the VH-OJS.

Attaching the Engine

To prepare an engine for the fifth pod, Qantas mechanics taken off the blades from the front enthusiast of the engine and installs a fairing in excess of the hub of the Qantas.

motor. They also install an extra fairing in front of the engine hood to further more minimize drag and stop the engine from spinning devoid of becoming operated.

After the engine has been set up, it will take about 3 hrs to install the bracket that secures the engine to the wing of the plane. The engine and bracket are hooked up to the anchor details at the base of the remaining wing, really close to the wing root.

Flying with five engines

For Qantas pilots, traveling with five engines is the identical as traveling with four, even with trailing asymmetry (force reverse to the movement.)


It is proper to say that there are different configurations to make the flight, due to the asymmetry of fat and to the drag, and in that the pilots experienced to appear for appropriately. They are six tons additional in a solitary wing, which also penalizes the amount of money of gas in every single wing of the 747, to balance the CG (Middle of Gravity).

The drag demands a gas stop on a flight between Sydney and Johannesburg, engines devote additional gas on cruising to preserve plane pace. Shortly the pilots applied Perth for this technological refueling scale.

In the identical way the drag states that the Boeing 747 should fly a minor slower. Only then do we see the dilemma that air can bring to an plane, in case one thing does not conform to the plane&#39s normal.

Discover to travellers

With all these troubles and need to have to make a stopover, it is achievable to picture that this flight would hold off its arrival in Johannesburg.

For this, Qantas recommended QF63 travellers in advance of the improve in arrival time, the identical warning was replicated by the stewards on board the plane just before departure.

And the engine spoiled?

As he experienced no urgency involving this engine, he returned from Johannesburg by ship.

By means of – Flightradar24

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