The Boeing 747 is one of the most recognizable aircraft in the world. One of the reasons for that, besides its popularity, is because of its distinctive hump on the roof. The hump was an innovative solution to a design issue.

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  1. The first 747's through the 747-100 it was a flight deck and crew rest area with a passenger lounge in the rear. In later years it became a flight deck crew rest area with first class seats as the crew rest area was moved to the rear of the airplane. Originally it was going to be used strictly for crew rest area, but Pan-AM would have none of that so it got split between crew and passenger. Even on the 747F freighter, it is strictly crew rest with additional passenger seats, not first class.

  2. “Turns out, that hump has been there since the ‘60’s”
    Yeah, because it was designed that way you idiots. It’s not like it started out eithout the hump and the engineers though “oh, we should put a hump on it!”

  3. i have to work ona Boeing 373 and theres talk of the airport i work at bringing in planes like the one in the vid makes me feel exhausted thinking about how long it would take to work on it!!

  4. A 737 is not the same size as the 747's hump. A 735 (737-500) is a smaller variant, so it may be close. Your average 737 (737-800 or 737-700) is about half the length of a 747.

  5. Dumb! Only a few 747"s have the front door and the hump was there because Boeing was challenged to make a jet That could hold over 200 passengers back in the 70"s this video is false to find the real answer watch a The video made by Boeing THE COMPANY WHO MADE THE DARN PPANE!!!!

  6. The 747 was originally intended as a container carrier, so they put the pilot's cabin on top, with the nose opening for loading. Then they discovered that the airlines weren't that interested in freight that much, but they really, really wanted a huge passenger airliner with long range.

  7. I was once on First Class in a Saudia Boeing 747, at the very front in the nose. It was an awesome experience. It is also the only FIrst Class flight I was on as of now. I'm a more "Airbus person" but the 747 is still a good plane.

  8. The hump is there so that the captain can sit on his wallet without bending his neck. With recent sallary cuts and social dumping in the airline industry, they don't need this more. Hence, the 747 can now be retired.

  9. Dear Boeing,

    The hump of the 747 is currently the size of a 737. If you would like to make an A380, make the hump the size of a 747.

  10. Actually the nose door is not for tall cargo, it is for long cargo.  The side door and ceiling height in the rear of the plane accommodates the taller cargo.

  11. It is that hump on the Queen of the skies face , with her nose high in the air which gives her this aloof aristocratic beautiful appearance

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