The Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility, located in Central Washington, is Puget Sound Energy’s second wind-powered electric generation facility. It is also the utility’s largest wind farm with 149 turbines. Wholly owned by PSE, Wild Horse has the capacity to generate up to 273 megawatts (MW) of electricity. Construction began in October 2005, and was completed in December 2006, with a 22-turbine, 44 MW expansion completed in 2009. According to the American Wind Energy Association, one megawatt of wind power capacity is equal to the electricity needs of 225 to 300 average U.S. homes.

Turbines and Towers
– 149 wind turbine generators, spanning across 9,000 acres near Ellensburg, Washington.
– Towers are 221 ft high at the hub, 13.2 ft wide at the base and 7.6 ft wide at the top. Towers weigh 104 tons.
– Each turbine consists of 3-blades, each 129 ft long, 11.62 ft at the widest and 1.6 ft at the tip with each blade weighing 14,300 lbs. The rotor (blades, hub and nose cone) weighs 42 tons.
– Turbine generators are V80-1.8 MW and V80-2.0 MW machines manufactured by Vestas, a Danish company. Each generator can produce 690 volts, which is stepped-up to 34,500 volts by an on-board transformer. The generator is housed inside a fiberglass “nacelle.”
– The generator and nacelle together weigh 69 tons. Total height with a blade fully extended is 351 ft and total weight is approximately 270 tons. These are the largest wind turbine generators in Washington State.
– Each tower foundation reaches a minimum depth of 25 ft and a maximum of 32 ft depending on bedrock depth and takes an average of 100 to 260 cubic yards of concrete.
– Each foundation requires 120 anchor bolts that span from the surface of the ground to the bottom of the foundation. A single 28 ft anchor bolt weighs approximately 150 lbs.
– Rotors turn 15.5 rpm, turning clockwise (front view) with a rotor diameter of 264 ft, larger than a wingspan of a Boeing 747.
– Turbines can produce electricity at wind speeds as low as 9 mph, reaching their peak of production at 31 mph and shut down at constant wind speeds of 56 mph. The prevailing winds are from the northwest.
– 127 turbines are capable of producing 1.8 megawatts and 22 turbines are capable of producing 2 megawatts, for a total facility capacity of 273 megawatts.

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