Best Firefighting planes in the World in Action!
Mercedes Benz Actros 1:14:
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  1. Each of these tools are used as they are designed for. The helicopter is great for spot drops were as the planes are good for laying down protection lines

  2. During HECM this year it was revealed the Sky Cranes were going to be removed from service. However the USFS was given 3 retired CG c130s to rehab and use.

  3. The secret innovations of North Korea, shrouded under evil conspiracy theories made by the rest of the evil world. And here they are all along creating massive life saving inventions that drop enough water to cause earthquakes and we jump to the worst possible conclusion that they are detonating nuclear weapons! Get your morals together world!

  4. Too bad the original Evergreen 747 Supertanker never made it into service in the US. Sadly, that original plane – N470EV – was cut up for scrap on 12JUL17 in Arizona.

  5. well being that the Sikorsky is not a plane and there are plenty of other water bombers that are bigger this video is a worthless piece of shit

  6. Thumbs down for lying in the description, there is no Airbus A-380 fire bomber anywhere in the world, it would be cost prohibitive.

  7. Seeing those jets cruising around the lake was surreal! I couldn't imagine piloting one of these, huge respect to those men and women

  8. Never would I have guessed those huge planes could land on water, tank up, then fly up and away. Awesome‼️
    Thank you for this video, I really enjoyed it. ☮️

  9. Never would I have guessed those huge planes could land on water, tank up, then fly up and away. Awesome‼️
    Thank you for this video, I really enjoyed it. ☮️

  10. amazing video! I like the inside view points! Also at 5:50, I wouldn't believed it unless I saw a video of a jet going into the water then taking off. Impressive! Thank you for sharing!

  11. le gros souci vu la gabarit et la vitesse et le réapprovisionnement en eau sur piste (perte de temps) et manque de précision lors du largage

  12. Use Reich CLOUD BUSTERS to create rain over the area. Here is a simple design

    This is the story of Willhelm Reich who designed it and many other things too

  13. On the recent fire in Mariposa California the Feds (forest service) would not allow the use of the 747 tanker because they have not "approved" it for use in Calif. What?? So they had a great tool to use and red tape stopped it. Trump drain that swamp too!! Fire the head of that department too!!

  14. When you dump a load of water from a firefighting airplane whether it's a Cl-415 or an IL 76 you first stop your decent then open your water doors and actually have to push forward on the stick as the weight comes off the aircraft quickly the aircraft starts to rise and you need to maintain the low altitude you initially started dumping water at for accuracy with your drop. When your water tanks are empty the you pull back on the stick to gain altitude and go to takeoff power so you don't stall the aircraft. It is an art flying water bombers and my hats off to all the pilots and crew. It is akin to combat operations in a war because that is exactly what the water bomber crews are fighting a fire war.

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