On this playlist I would like to show you some VFR flights and the possibilities of what is possible with X-Plane if you have good hardware. VFR flights are more graphic demanding than flights with airliners in high altitudes. I am just a “home pilot”. E.g. I did not switch off landing lights during flight for example.

This flight is a fps test-flight requested by a YouTube user. Its purpose is testing X-Plane fps output when flying low with big and heavy planes in a graphic intense scenery. This video contains faster cuts so that you can see more different variations of graphic situations and scenery. fps varies between 19 to about 50 fps. Most of the time fps is enough for fluid gameplay. I switched on the X-Plane data fields, so in the upper left corner you can see fps count in real time. You should switch to 1080p playback for better reading quality. Starting point is military airport Luzern-Emmen (ICAO: LSME), Switzerland, in a dusty sunset atmosphere. Landing point for stop and go is airport Buochs (ICAO: LSZE), only a few miles away from Luzern. Flight goes around Luzern and lake „Vierwaldstätter See“ in low altitude, landing again in Emmen, LSME. Flying around the mountains in low altitude is very difficult with such big birds but was fun. 🙂 Whole flight is controlled manually – even switching the cameras. Whole flight is flown in VFR, no autopilot or auto landing is used. Landing approach was too high, but nevertheless I was able to land this big bird, although touchdown was a little bit rough.

Aircraft: Boeing 747-400 (stock X-Plane aircraft)

X-Plane Setup:

CPU: i7 4790K, 4.0 GHz, 16 GB RAM
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Black with stock 6 GB VRAM on board (for good results don’t try running X-Plane with something lower than this)
Computer is customized and used for X-Plane only.
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Additional hardware:
• TrackIR 5
• Flight Trainer Pro
• Saitek X52

X-Plane version: 10.30r2

X-Plane Scenery Add-Ons:
• SkyMaxx Pro 2.0
• MaxxFX
• UrbanMaxx Extreme
• SeaTraffic PlugIn
• Orthophoto overlays by www.simheaven.com (ZL17 only)
• OSM scenery generated with World2Xplane
• and some great airports and airfields which you can find on forums.x-plane.org

Everything is flown and recorded live. No X-Plane recording playback is used here. What you see is what you get. Recorded in full screen with Nvidia Shadowplay at 1080p30.

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