Flying from Amsterdam to London Gatwick onboard Garuda Indonesia Boeing 777-300ER PK-GID. Operating flight GA88 on 19 September 2014. Take-off, landing, cabin, IFE/inflight map and scenic views. Taken from seat 52K (Economy).

The Amsterdam-London Gatwick flight was a fifth-freedom full-service flight, an extension of the Jakarta-Amsterdam service. For the aviation enthusiast, it was a great way to experience the Garuda Indonesia experience without the need to fly to Jakarta.

Garuda no longer operates this fifth-freedom flight. The London flight now operates to/from Heathrow.

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  1. Wonderful video…
    I hope garuda indonesiA always gift good service for All customer.
    I love garuda indonesia
    I love indonesiA…

  2. hi, please dont get annoyed by Indonesia comments. they may look like overproud but they dont speak english that much,, the only phrase they know in english is " Hi, Im Indonesian" or something simple like that. overall they appreciate that you chose to fly with Garuda. anyways thanks

  3. I can't wait, I'm flying next Saturday from Amsterdam to London with them, it will be nice change to have this trip in 777 instead of 737s, A320s and etc

  4. i love garuda.. , flight smoth and landing smoth..service not bad.. sometime im sure i will take fly wit Garuda indonesia to abroad.. around world

  5. Garuda have changed their schedule from July 2015 and will fly Bali-Singapore-Amsterdam 3 times a week and Bali-Amsterdam-Gatwick 3 times a week. Certainly an airline to consider other than Easyjet or BA to Gatwick, if you just want a short break in Amsterdam.

  6. I banned this Julien-dude from this video and my channel and deleted all of his comments out here. I got a bit fed up with him keeping on trolling. He obviously has some kind of beef with either GA or Indonesia and doesn't bring any valid facts or arguments to back his statements.

    I really hate censorship and anything that comes close to censorship. But I hate trolling on my channel as well, so I didn't had any choice but banning this dude. He was annoying, and I'm not even Indonesian nor a GA fanboy. I just hate trolling 🙂

  7. Thanks for all the comments coming in since I posted this video report! Too bad I don't understand Bahasa Indonesia, but I assume these are kind comments 😉
    I might fly GA again somewhere in 2015, with Bali as my point of destination this time 🙂

  8. #dayang agung ….. lo dasr orang crewet .!!!!! Buka sendiri sana rute2 lo yg sebutin…. jangan banding2kan dgn yg lain garuda…. semua airlines puya pemikiran sendir2… lo thu seharusya bangga bukan malah banding2in maskapai sendriii…… besyukur !!!! 미친 사람

  9. The anouncement in German seems perfect … try not to make a mistake when informing the local time at London as GA has the predicate of best world economy class airline … 

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