Watch from 2:30 for epic wing flex.
Turbulence encountered off the coast of Japan on a United Boeing 777-200.
And for those idiots out there, how does this look like a simulator? (it isn’t)

Planned altitude: 38,000 feet.
Current altitude: 32,000 feet.
Some planes were flying at 42,000 feet! and it was still turbulent up there! (according to ATC)
I’m not sure why Mr. Pilot decided to descend to a “smoother altitude.”

Only on United:
If theres turbulence, they don’t give you a full announcement to fasten your seatbelt… they say only two words:
Seatbelt Fasten.

Only on United:
If turbulence lasts for 15 seconds, the fasten seatbelt light is on for only 15 seconds.

Watch this plane’s takeoff:
And landing:
Both have ATC!

United. Its time to fly.


  1. Of course it is not a simulator and it doesn't even look like a simulator at all, it is all caught on camera! I've been onboard an aircraft for more than 16 times and every single flight that I've been on had to go through turbulence, and including severe turbulence.

  2. The am out of computations happening in the 777 flight control computer to respond with that flap is mind bogglingly awesome. Basically each 777 has a mini super computer that can in theory do it all…. but passengers like human pilots….

  3. Somehow I find it more entertaining to watch the aileron counteracting the turbulence than the wing flex

    And people say computers can't fly planes

  4. wings flex like this to also give you a smoother ride, (like shock absorbers) if they were "rigid", you'd feel every pocket of air. They are  built like this to take enormous stress, 150% or more in some cases!

  5. There is a 777 wing test on Youtube…. they bent the wing like about 25 feet up, before it failed.  It finally failed at 154 % of design strength.  The design strength of 100% is for the highest turbulence or crazy piloting that they can imagine.  And the 777 wing went way past that ….  So those wings can flex like crazy in bad turbulence and still be safe..    The flexing seen in this video is nothing in comparison.

  6. Nice thinking, man! Put camera between window and shade. Next time I am gonna glue my phone on the window using glue tape to film take off and landing.

  7. The wings are fluttering THATS A BAD THING i saw a documentary that says flutter can shake down the wings and the wing is a key to the plane

  8. That is exactly what the wing is designed for ….. flex; means for a much smoother ride.
    If it's not Boeing, I'm not going!

  9. its based on the safety record yea like how many of that plane model crashed and another factor is total amount of deaths concerning that plane and like the amount of crashes/deaths to the estimated amount of that plane model being used worldwide and they calculated that the Boeing 737 is the safest among all.

  10. I wonder how they manage to measure that. I mean how can a plane be safer than a plane not involved in any deaths? The 737 definately has, but there are also a lot more of them. I'm not saying you're wrong, I just dont know how it's measured.

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