Cathay Pacific pushback and takeoff at Düsseldorf International Airport with an incredible sound!

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Short Information about Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 fleet: Cathay Pacific has got 5 planes of the type Boeing 777-200 and 12 planes of the type Boeing 777-300. Furthermore Cathay Pacific has got 53 planes of the type Boeing 777-300ER. Cathay Pacific was first customer of the Boeing 777-300.

SHORT INFORMATION ABOUT ME (PILOT2101 :)): I’m a 15 year old guy living in Germany in a small city next to Düsseldorf! I’m a huge aviation and Lufthansa Fan! After school I want to study and become a pilot! 🙂 I’m also a Planespotter based in Düsseldorf. I also visited Frankfurt for Planespotting. I will also drive to others in the future! 😀 Since 2 months ago I ofen go Planespotting with Aviation spotting Germany, please checkout also his channel: ( 🙂 My mother is flight attendant at Lufthansa so this year I started to go on 2-3 days Tours with 1-2 destinations in my vacations. They always start in Düsseldorf (mostly in the evening) and go on the next day in Frankfurt. I like these Tours because I can also talk with the pilots (They are the same persons the whole Tour) and visit the cockpit! I love these Tours and will explain an example Tour: In Februrary (I don’t remember the day) the Tour started in the evening in Düsseldorf and first we flew from Düsseldorf to Frankfurt. 1 hour later we flew from Frankfurt to Praha and I met also the crew (including pilots) the crew is always very nice and the pilots allow me to go into the cockpit and explain me something. (They are the same persons for the whole Tour – there is no crew change) In Praha we had one day and I visited the City and in the evening we went into a Restaurant with the crew. The next day it went from Praha to Frankfurt. There I had 7 hours time because my mother had a flight between to Munich. In this time I always experience the Airport! 😀 than again in the evening it went from Franfurt to Bologna and had one day there again. When we were there the Captain also allowed me to go with him on the outside check before the flight. So we were back in Frankfurt. The Tour for my mum went on for 2 days but it’s too expensive to go with every single flight so I flew back to Düsseldorf! The flights are mostly with an A320 or A321 🙂 I don’t want to say how cool it is or make other people jealous. I just want to give you a short insight in my aviation passion with his text! 🙂 By the way, in the future I will also do trip report videos of this Tours! 🙂

Deutsch: Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER Start in Düsseldorf!

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Kurze Information über die Boeing 777 Flotte von Cathay Pacific:
Cathay Pacific betreibt 5 Flugzeuge des Typs Boeing 777-200 und 12 Flugzeuge des Typs Boeing 777-300. Außerdem betreibt Cathay Pacific 53 Flugzeuge des Typs Boeing 777-300ER. Cathay Pacific war Erstkunde der Boeing 777-300.


  1. I've had the pleasure of having flown a few long distance flights on Cathay Pacific 777-300ER aircraft. Great airplane…. and one of the best airlines. If you get the chance…. fly a Polar Route over the top of the world…. 🙂

  2. Hi….ich guck mir sehr gerne deine Videos an und fiebere immer auf deinem Kanal mit

    Trip Reports aber auch dein planespotting ist cool gemacht

    was ich mir nochmal wünschen würde ist ein musik video mit planespotting Ausschnitten und mehr Material über den Flughafen Düsseldorf

    aber auf jeden Fall weiter so;););)

  3. A very nice video. Next month I fly with the same plane from Amsterdam to Hong Kong. From there with Dragon Air to Chiang Mai (Thailand). One month later back.

  4. Echt super video!
    Ich will auch mal nach Düsseldorf! 🙂
    Das sieht echt klasse aus wie der RIESE da hoch geht! 🙂
    LIKE! ^^

  5. Hab schon auf ein Video von dir gewaret. Schön die 777 von Cathay. Die habe ich zuletzt in Zürich gesehen. Super Video!

  6. Tolles Video! Der Sound ist soo geil 😀 ich freu mich jetzt schon soo auf in zwei Wochen !Du hast übrigens sehr gut gefilmt! 🙂

  7. Amazing shot of the rotation! Liked this one very much with amazing camera work! Keep up the great work 😀

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