Turkish Airlines takes delivery of “Kinaliada” & “Heybeliada” Boeing 777-300er’s at the same time on March 30, 2015.

Happily departing, check out the pilot in the FO seat of TC-JJY “Kinaliada” as the massive 777 taxis out to 16R. JJY soon lifts to the air where it’ll fly over Paine Field at a high altitude until TC-JJV “Heybeliada” joins the aircraft for a delivery trip that won’t be as lonesome over the Atlantic.

Filmed: March 30, 2015 KPAE Paine Field Future of Flight in Everett, WA USA.


  1. Those babies really want to fly. It was cool to see the nose wheel leaving the ground so soon, then at rotation the sheer power that sends it skyward. Yes I realize there were less than 10 airline personal aboard and possibly just a few seats making it very light, none the less, it was cool to see the nose lifting off so soon, great plane, so quiet

  2. I'm just curious, in a delivery flight like this, do they use the Airline's callsign or the Aircraft's registration number?

  3. I think he was just trying to clean up the dirt he found on the glass. To avoid the Turkish Airlines people claim it to be an older aircraft being passed off to them as a new one. 😛

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