PBS 5-part documentary series from 1996 on the creation of the Boeing 777. This video is out of print, so I’m making it available here for internet viewers.
I do not own or claim ownership of this copyright, so please contact me if you want this removed, rather than contacting YouTube.


  1. No wonder RR and GE is cleaning P&W's clock these days in the commercial market. They're almost an afterthought these days.

  2. Anyone notice that P&W clearly hadn't learned shit from their first high bypass engines from the original 747? On that plane, they had engines popping and blowing like mad on surges, now again years later on the 777 the Pratt engine is giving the SAME issue they had in 1961!! They haven't learned anything… Really going backwards and there's your reason P&W are dragging behind GE and RR for engines…

  3. Why doesn't boeing replace 4 747 engines with 2 777 engines
    Surely it will be more efficient as said it has twice as much thrust that regular 747 engines

  4. Wow pulling the pinnacle of aviation history out of storage for the test flight of the engine. Nice to  see…

  5. I love the way Alan Mullaly acted as a leader of team. He wouldn't influence decisions and listen others when he isn't expert of the matter. No wonder he later became CEO of Boeing and Ford.

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