PBS 5-part documentary series from 1996 on the creation of the Boeing 777. This video is out of print, so I’m making it available here for internet viewers.
I do not own or claim ownership of this copyright, so please contact me if you want this removed, rather than contacting YouTube.


  1. My husband and I flew from St Louis to Frankfurt, Germany on a 777 in October, 1996. It was a great flight! I'm glad I happened upon this documentary.

  2. Goddamnit why do documentaries so often focus on the people. With all due respect but I couldn't care less about the drama of the people who built it, I want to see the 777 itself!!

  3. I enjoyed every episode of this inspiring documentary. It's people and companies featured here that make the world a great place and time in which to live.

  4. Anybody know why only the rudder is painted on the plane at 22:05?  I also noticed in the plane painting videos the rudder is treated in a different manner. 

  5. Most jey airliners today have had their wings modified by the addition of 'Winglets' at the end of the wings. Has the Boeing 777 got different aerodynamics where it will not be beneficial to have 'winglets'?

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