PBS 5-part documentary series from 1996 on the creation of the Boeing 777. This video is out of print, so I’m making it available here for internet viewers.
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  1. Watched all 5 of these series… interesting insight into the world of aeronautic engineering… thoroughly enjoyed it thank you for the post 😀

  2. My father retired from UAL in 1991 in the DC-10, which this aircraft replaced. Even in retirement, he eagerly followed the development of the 777, and told me many times, "Son I wish I could have flown that baby…" What an outstanding documentary, an outstanding aircraft, and an outstanding group of people up there in Seattle revolutionizing the way a complex machine is made. And the 777 has gone on to be an amazingly reliable, tough airplane. Well done!

  3. All of this testing paid off, no fatal crashes due to mechanical problems, only crash that had been was caused by Rolls Royce in London. No problems with the P&W Engines

  4. The 777 is a very successful aircraft boeing sold almost 1500 of them and still have over 300 on order, plus the new 777X is coming out sometime between 2018 and 2020 which already has 150 orders from Emirates alone, plus another 150 from other airlines. All together up until now there is 306 orders for the new 777X and that's before the plane is even built, when it starts building that's when the orders are really gone start rolling in. Airlines love the 777, if you would ask any airline which is their favorite plane i guarantee most will say it's the 777. The 777 actually killed the A340 which is a nice plane and is one of my favorites from the Airbus family, but 4 engines mean more fuel burn and more maintenance, that's why airlines prefer to go with the 777 then the A340 and that's why Airbus had to shut down production of the A340 because a lot of airlines switched their orders to the 777. Unfortunately the 747-8 intercontinental is not doing well also because airlines prefer the smaller 777 and A350 which are cheaper to operate. Okay i'll shut up now. LOL

  5. Wow 24 feet deflection on the wing, that is just amazing that you can bend the wings up as high as a two story house before they fail.

  6. The 777 is still one of the best planes in the air.I know the 380 gets a lot of hype but I still prefer the 777 and even more so when compared to other Airbus planes.The only plus to the A380 over the 777 for me is you know its not going to be full 😉

  7. What amazes me is that after the 777 experiences, the 787 design and building process created yet another string of stuff-ups. But then Airbus has had their stuff-ups, too. Right at the beginning the A300 flew into the ground without a pilot over-ride capability.

  8. wonder who was doing the bitching about the FAA being "too nice" to Boeing??? Probably Airbus, they can't beat Boeing so they have to trash them.

  9. Thanks for posting these videos – don't think I've ever seen such a comprehensive account of the development of an airplane. I've always considered the 777 a bit of a boring plane, with just 2 engines and a single deck, but when interesting includes minor foibles like crashing and fiery death boring isn't the worst thing!

  10. I use FlightRadar24 to track planes in the air at any time, anywhere in the world. I see LOTS of the 777 flying the eastern routes from US west coast to all points in Asia.

    At 20 years old not the plane has matured and is one of the best planes in the air. I read somewhere that Boeing has sold something like 1400 777 over those years. Quite the success.

    What a great film to share all that went into making the plane.

  11. The 777 is just another ugly piece of crap, and I'm sure those on board the Las Vegas plane that caught fire would agree.   Would someone please bring back the REAL airplanes :  The B-707, B-720, B-727, DC-8, DC-9, Convair 880 & 990, VC-10 and the CONCORDE !!

  12. Back in 1994, and even now, the Boeing 777 is and was the latest and greatest plane in Boeing's long line of commercial aircraft. Ever since the first flight, people have admired the 777's timeless elegance and sleek lines.

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