Always striving for the elusive “filmlook”, I think I’m pretty happy with the results..

My first shot with the new 5D Mark II firmware that allows you to shoot in 24p.

The only sounds coming from the DR-100 are the sounds of the turbines as the plane fills the frame..

Anyhow, just a short little clip.. enjoy.. United’s Boeing 777 is the largest plane that can land on Maui’s short runway.. All international flights will land on Oahu first then transfer to smaller planes : )

PS: I always ADD noise to my video’s as I believe it gives it the right amount of texture to subdue any “video-y-ness”

UPDATE * Thank you all for the kind comments on this tiny clip..I’m constantly striving for the ever elusive “filmlook” and will always post my findings for all to learn from as well.. I’ve been doing a monthly give away on my site
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