The CFDT has just made an Air France area in the SPL, a union of pilots affiliated to it. This new skilled corporation has the will to “ make syndicalism or else ” for “ endeavor to break the impasse in Air France” . It will have the ideas of a team of pilots who has been hoping for several months to “ renovate the social dialogue ” inside the firm.

The Airline Pilots&#39 Union (SPL), affiliated to the CFDT, announced on Wednesday (July 5th) the creation of an Air France area. This creation outcomes from the initiative of a team of pilots of Air France, which “ has tried for months to renovate the social dialogue” in the firm, describes the SPL in a statement.

The collective wished to depart the scheme “ the way imposes, the trade unions are opposed “. His proposals, on “ the suitable of expression of personnel, the dependability of information provided to personnel and on a constitution of fantastic perform “, have been supported by “ quite a few pilots of Air France . But they have not been retained both by the firm or by the trade union businesses in area, with the exception of the CFDT, suggests the union.

” With the CFDT fully commited to defending the specificity of airline pilots, we resolved to open the Air France area in the CFDT-affiliated Airline Pilots Union in an endeavor to Unblock the enterprise of the shackles in which it is locked up by both of those the management and the skilled businesses . “

The SPL thinks that “ the immobility is no for a longer period achievable for the survival of the Air France firm experiencing the various competitions already present and the news to appear. For these pilots of Air France, “it is urgent to act ” and “to make syndicalism otherwise (…) by giving the flooring to the personnel”

The collective at the rear of this initiative was made in October 2015 and nowadays it joins 230 of the three,500 pilots of Air France, Air Information mentioned in a telephone interview Patrick Vincent, member of the Air France SPL Place of work and Captain on Boeing 777.

The new union hopes to get to about 10% of the votes in the subsequent skilled elections scheduled for April 2019.

An inter-group technique

Relating to the task “ Boost ” of Air France-KLM, which brings the creation of a new airline at reduced fees, SPL Air France agrees “ Innovation, conquering new markets and profitability targets “mentioned Vincent. But he deplores “ a dissonance ” concerning the aims of the task “ Have confidence in Alongside one another ” by Air France-KLM and the exclusion of hostesses and stewards (PNC) A individual path.

The CFDT is also setting up an inter-group strategy in Air France. Two other trade unions of the firm are affiliated to him, UNPNC, symbolizing the hostesses and stewards, and SPASAF CFDT, “ 1st trade union corporation on the floor, executives and non-executives

The corporation we are constructing aims at coordinating these various categories of personnel as a result of the SPL, UNPNC and SPASAF CFDT “, describes a tract of the SPL Air France . “ It is only alongside one another that we will thrive in constructing &#39 Air France and the Air France Group of tomorrow&#39 by positions we will take alongside one another on significant troubles (NAO, earnings-sharing And development) . “

Furthermore, the SPL is mentioned “ already agent ” at Aigle Azur, HOP! And Corsair, and “ also implanted ” at Transavia, Air Caraïbes and Air Austral.

Photograph © Air France

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