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Onboard my first flight with Air China ahead of a long journey between London & Singapore, this was the first leg of the trip. Heathrow to Beijing. The flight was slightly delayed due to the inbound flight arriving late from Beijing. Luckily the load wasn’t too busy and they managed to make up a little time on the turn around. We pushed back at around 20:55, about 30mins behind scheduled then the long taxi from the beautiful Terminal 2, all the way down to RWY09R. Fantastic GE90 engine start up sounds, so turn up the volume for that during the pushback. Departure from Heathrow was then followed by a left turn towards the North East, flying directly over Wembley Stadium then towards Stansted and Norfolk. Climbed initially up to 31,000ft. A strange set up on Air China, something I’ve never seen before, but the seatbelt signs remained on for the entire flight. However people were not being told to sit down if they were standing. Which was slightly confusing, during turbulence the captain would just turn them off and back on again. Also mobile phones, even in flight mode can’t be used at all. So listening to music or taking a picture on your mobile isn’t allowed. Very strange if you ask me. We stayed at 31,000ft for the first half of the flight. It barely got dark for the duration of the flight due to the Northern routing in the summer months the sun doesn’t really set. So as you can see, over Russia at 2am and it was by no means “dark” there was still colour in the sky. Increased to 33,000ft later in the flight, into Mongolian airspace and over the Gobi desert before beginning descent into a very wet Beijing Capital Airport.

Aircraft: Boeing 777-39L(ER)
Reg: B-2006 “Love China Livery”
Seat: 42A
Flight Number: CA938
Date: Sunday 21st May 2017
Engine Type: GE90-115B
Departure Time: 20:25 (actual 21:15 approx.)
Departure Runway: RWY09L
Arrival Runway: RWY01
Flight Duration: 10 hours 10mins (approx)
Cruising Alt: 33,000ft (FL330)
Route: LHR-PEK

Overall, Air China weren’t too bad. Quite generous legroom and fairly good entertainment system and for the price, simply cannot complain. London to Singapore return (via Beijing) for £310!

Stay tuned for plenty more videos of this trip. After this flight we had a short 1 hour layover before joining another Air China flight, this time an A330-300, for another 6 hour flight down to Singapore.
Also during my return trip, I managed to get some filming done at Beijing airport! Some great spotting footage from Capital airport.

**As always by Full Flight, I do not mean literally a 10 hour + video of absolutely nothing. By full flight I mean that this video includes every section of the flight, from Boarding through to disembarking. If you’re seeking a 10 hour video of the wing, unfortunately you’ll have to look elsewhere.

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  1. Another outstanding flight review mate, very interesting and most enjoyable, keep up the good work and a like from me as always

  2. Jesus man, how long did you guys taxi? I mean when you started out it was daylight and by the time you took off it was dusk, WTF?

  3. i dont know why but i enjoy late long lat evening flights and night time to morning flights too

  4. What a lovely sunset! Heathrow at that time of night is stunning, you can get plenty of A350's and some great 787's too including AZAL and China Southern. Maybe Oman Air might send them our way one day soon. It seemed the British weather followed you to Beijing!

  5. It keeps getting darker and darker so I'm guessing the wait to take off was a long one. You've got to give a lot if credit to the folks that work out the takeoff and landing dances using two runways at Heathrow and ONE at Gatwick. Instead of endless meeting and nearby resident bitching sessions, they need to add a new runway to each airport IMMEDIATELY, as if it's a national emergency which in effect it is. The two airports are responsible for a very large amount of the city's income, employment and its business climate. A lack of growth because of delays costing the carriers too much, and little opportunities for further growth could be very costly. ****Since when do residents who bought or built homes next to one of the world's busiest airports 75 or more years after it started handling air traffic; have a right to tell it how to operate? If you don't like aircraft noise you should have bought a home elsewhere. But of course, they paid less than what the cost would have been elsewhere because it was next to an airport. Really a well filmed and edited video, thanks for uploading it.

  6. How many Asia based carriers are lined up together, it's as if Heathrow separates carriers by continent. For those who might fly into Beijing frequently, has anyone had breathing problems or perhaps sneezing or watery eyes due to the very visible, thick layer of gunk in the city's air? I used to have big problems in LA when they had smog you could walk on, I'm thinking maybe I'll skip Beijing in my future travels unless perhaps I'm making a mountain out of a molehill.

  7. excellent video. did the great wall last year and infact not a bad place to spot planes.

    the livery of this one is great

  8. I don't get why people put full flight cus it isn't. If it was a full flight this video would be about 10 hours long!

  9. According to Chinese civil air laws, it is not lawful to use mobile phones on airliners. Officials explain that they may have difficulties on enforcing passengers to switch to flight mode.
    You know crazy passengers often appears on Chinese flights.

  10. Wonderful quality! I will certainly buy a Panasonic camcorder soon as well. My Nikon is getting outdated, for videos at least. Good job!

  11. what really horrible weather you arrived to! grey overcast raining and all that unpleasant smog as well…singapore much better, went there myself 18 months ago, although that was directly with SIA…380 n all

  12. What's the meal at 23:35 supposed to be? Mash with…?
    Flown CA myself a few times, both times HKG to Germany via PEK. HKG-PEK is hell – first time around we spent God knows how long on the tarmac, only to be told the flight got cancelled so I spent the night in the airport and just managed to rush on to a flight the next morning. Thankfully, once one gets to PEK, it should be smooth sailing – flying to FRA the first time wasn't bad at all, 77W was new and had footrests and a beautiful AVOD in economy. Out of FRA the first time was memorable in two things: a three hour delay but this time EU compensation laws kicked in, and the meal that I still remember quite vividly today. However the second time we flew out of FRA, I wasn't happy – not least because the aircraft that was deployed was an antiquated 747-400 Combi, and having known SAA 295 too well, I was a bit anxious. In addition, the dado panel next to my seat would open with the kick of my foot, and the tray table was vandalised by what I presume is a child with markers. Third time lucky? No. MUC this time. A330-200 both ways. IFE (I refrain from the use AVOD because it's not an AVOD system, it's just loops) screens were so bright that HAL 9000 would see them from Jupiter. Try sleeping with those on. Never flew CA again.

  13. Very nice, looked absolutely miserable in Beijing, read that phones can't be used, were the crew strict with you filming at all?

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