Today Air France operated its Triple Seven in from Paris Orly as a charter flight for many hundreds of Rugby fans who have come to Sctoland this weekend to watch the Sctoland V France game on Sunday.
This is definitely a rare movement at Edinburgh but at the same time it has visited in the past on the same rugby charter flights.
The aircraft is a 777-328ER delivered to Air France in August 2006.

I hope you enjoyed this short video along with the full atc too.
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Thanks to my good mate Dan who came spotting too.

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  1. I flew on that one in 2014 from santiago, chile to paris.  Not the best airline in economy for that length of flight (over 14 hours).  But it was a better alternative to Iberia, as only 3 airlines fly direct to europe.

  2. Great video…saw the 777 just before it landed from my office at the Gyle and wondered what the hell it was…did it use an official stand or was it 'parked' somewhere unusual?

  3. Now that must have been quite something! Lovely catch mate,I can't wait for my Air France special in a few days time 🙂

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