Rome, (askanews) – It's as long as a soccer field, about 63 meters away: it's the giant Boeing 777, the largest airline in the Alitalia fleet The world's largest bimotor. The first with the new Alitalia design has just emerged from the Hangar (Painting Hangar) at Rome Fiumicino Airport, ready for the first flight to Tokyo.
The new livery is dominated by the A tricolore on the helm, even bigger, with the colors of the Italian flag that embrace it almost completely, the design of the brand is more modern, the fuselage is ivory ivory color and there are bands progressively inclined towards the tail. Another novelty, the inscription below the belly that allows us to recognize the plane even when we see it from the ground passing over our head.
Boeing 777, Alitalia's pilot of the Boeing 777's 86-year-old and 13-year-old Boeing 777, said: "This is the world's largest twin-engine airplane that has the most powerful engines in the world."
The company has ten Boeing 777s flying all over the world, from here in spring they will all have the new design. Among the main destinations are Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, to which Mexico City and Santiago de Chile are added in 2016. Long-haul flights, which can exceed 15 hours, but the flagship fuselage offers space and Comfort to passengers.
"This airplane carries 293 passengers and the interior surface of the passenger cabin is as wide as about 3 one-hundred square foot apartments one."
The wingspan is about 60 meters while the height of the helm is about 18, as a six-story building. Its full load is about 12,500 km. The twelve wheels of the car, of which two steering pairs allow him, despite the size, to take off and land on unnecessarily crowded airport slopes. It takes 2.500 meters to take off; The carbon brakes then provide extreme braking capacity.
There is so much Italian technology on this plane. "This is the flagship of Italian commercial aviation, a jewel of technology, a lot of Italian."
Aircraft flying millions of miles every year. "Each of these airplanes each year makes an average of a hundred times around the world."


  1. Questa di calcio sembra che se ne intenda bene come quando deve leggere testualmente la descrizione di questo aereo..

  2. beh forse lo era il bimotore più grande del mondo perchè ora credo sia l'Airbus A350-1000 XXWB il più grande bimotore del mondo!

  3. Se è lungo 63 metri sarà come un campo da calcio in larghezza, non in lunghezza. E comunque Alitalia ha i 777-200, che non è il bimotore più lungo del mondo. La versione -300 è quella più lunga (quasi 74 metri).

  4. Dopo vent'anni passati negli scali di tutta Europa, torno finalmente a servirmi di Alitalia. Il volo diretto FCO-México mancava dai lontani anni '70.

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