American Airlines has embarked on a multi-year project of retrofitting its entire fleet on Boeing 777-200s. There aren’t many of these retrofitted birds out there yet I managed to find one flying the domestic skies.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the report!

Aircraft: Boeing 777-200 (772; Registration: N761AJ)
Departure City: Chicago-O’Hare (ORD)
Arrival City: Miami International Airport (MIA)
Date of Travel: May 24, 2015
Departure Time: 11:06am (scheduled; 10:35am)
Arrival Time: 2:53pm (late)
Duration: 2hrs 47mins
Airline: American Airlines
Class of Service: First Class (typically branded as business class on intl’ flights)
Seat: 5A (open door-suite)

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  1. American flies the 777-2 from MIA to DFW before it heads to Asia. You can catch one of the renovated suites for cheap during that 3 hour stint.

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  3. I flew one to London and it was amazing! We were supposed to go to Manchester then fly back on a 787 but the Manchester flight was delayed just like every flight we were on so we were rescheduled on a British airways 747 and I didn't like it nearly as much as the AA 777-200

  4. A couple of suggestions. Pan much slowwwwer and avoid avoid jerking the camera. Skip the safety briefing and spend time on the in-flight service starting with the menu. There is no first class in the retrofit AA 772. American took out the first class seats and replaced them with business class.

  5. what quick take off I usually count to 40 from engine start and roll by the time I count to 40 the plane is in rotate mode he did it in 30

  6. Great Video! you may not know this, but according to flight aware, this airplane was being retrofitted in Tokyo since January, and it just came back sometime in May, right before your trip! i cant imagine why it took over 4 months to retrofit, but it did. I am pretty sure the AA 777s are being retrofitted in Tokyo because i will see one of their airplanes (on flight aware) and it shows that it arrived there and it stays there for several weeks!

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