First time filming the new livery – looks really good on the B777 fleet! Filmed on the 1st March 2014.


  1. Righty ho, questions……I'm a 36 y/o married mum of three who craves some excitement in my sad wee life. I live at 57.2 degrees North on the NW coast of Scotland and am quite pathetic because I have an obsession with aircraft blah blah blah. No big airports close by, Prestwick is at least 5 hours away and that's if the road from the highlands isn't closed by the normal bad accidents etc. Even wee Inverness is 2 hours away and they only have Easyjet and FlyBe baby planes, they're grand an all, but I need to inhale fumes from big old birds and feel the rather naughty vibrations from a takeoff.
    How the heck do I get my saggy arse to such a fine viewing spot as your good self? Apparently, Heathrow doesn't take too kindly to plane-sniffing perverts hanging around. I quite fancy a wee jaunt to Cologone or Schipol. Any tips would be gratefully exchanged for 2 dozen free range Haggis, freshly caught from the mountains behind ma wee hoosie.
    Thank you very kindly indeed :))

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