Here’s my review of American Airlines Flagship First Class Service from London to Los Angeles. We enjoyed our stay at the AA Flagship Lounge in LHR. Great service from the Lounge staff proactively taking our orders and bringing us our food and drinks. Food and drink selections were also much better than in the US. The flight itself was OK. I felt that the difference in service between Business Class and First Class on American is pretty negligible. The crew was nice and efficient. My only gripe is that no turndown service was offered during the flight. The seat, though comfortable was just OK for me. It was a little too exposed, unlike the very private and comfortable reverse herringbone Business Class Seats that American has on this plane. Overall pleasant flight, I would give this a 7 out of 10. A full review on my blog coming soon…

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  1. at least American Airlines first class isn't the worst. I've been on planes where I wished I was in economy instead of first. even though American isn't as good as airlines like emirates and air france, their first class is comfortable and ok

  2. meal sevice is not first class no caviar and thts the only Airline in the U.S. who still offers a first class cabin on international routes….

  3. It's kind of a shame you can see where the hard product could actually be acceptable. Most of the soft product looks bare bones to barely acceptable business class. Can anyone recall the days when US airlines were the companies to fly. Now that I am paying for my travel (as opposed to my parents or my Dad's company) I make sure, as much as possible, not to fly with US carriers, the standards are just far too low!

  4. The lounge has terrible food choice. There is no separate entrance for 1st class passengers?!? Not even close to the perks from other international airlines…

  5. Business class on Qatar airways is better than this first class. The hardware on this plane is ok, but the lounge is dreadful.

  6. I have always thought of American Airlines as the younger sibling who tries desperately to be as fancy as their siblings(Asia carriers… Singapore, Cathy Pacific, etc) but always failed.

  7. I love american, they have beautiful livery and really good economy on domestic flights, especially in comparison with everything you get in Europe. The first class not the best, but quite good, definitely not something you could compare with Asian business class (btw look at china eastern, if you want to see something terrible Asia is not only Singapore, Japan and UAE )

  8. compared to several other airlines this first class seem pretty damn skimpy! if I had my choice I certainly wouldn't choose American Airlines…side note: just read your comment about this flight costing about half as much as the Asian, European excetera Airlines. that does make a difference, but please, that pizza, I have better in my freezer! 😀 Thanks for the video!!

  9. I was curious to see the standard, It seems to be about business class with any good Asian airline. the pizza for breakfast in first class , well that says it all. By the way, I like your videos, excellent standard and good explanations. thank you

  10. It certainly was a nice flight but for international first class standards it is underwhelming. Compare this to Air France or Lufthansa First Class product.

  11. No turn down service? Really. Huh
    When I flew Chicago to London on the -200 they offered to make my bed.
    That's interesting

  12. Hahahaha so many comments from jealous idiots, saying emirates better etc, it's also 3x the the price, at this dudes travelling and your sat at home waiting for payday.

  13. thank you for posting this Video in superb Quality. This meal Service is so forgettable. The light meal Prior to departure seems to me like a slice of Pizza from around the Corner for two US Dollars. As the Catering Chef of AA I would be ashamed to offer something like that to a F/C passenger.Someone said here thats – your excellent video Shows it – why People say that AA is terrible. Well, proof on file.You should travel on Lufthansa, British Airways or Air France, not to mention the middle east big ones. I assume that AA will discontinue their so called flagship cabin as well as United already announced. What a downfall for the once famous US Airline industry. Glory days "my" T.W.A. `s Royal Ambassador Service ….just cry boy

  14. wow is this really first class? what a waste of money. why fly first class on a airliner outsde of the top 50. might as well do premium economy on cx or something

  15. as a person who has only made enough money just to live on from week to week in life . I have to wonder how much  this would cost.

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