How to saturate the media area at the most significant aeronautical fair of the earth? By conserving orders ads in the course of the working day. On Tuesday twenty June, Airbus created no considerably less than three professional announcements and Boeing has scheduled 6. Consequence the leaders of the two providers used their working day commuting concerning their workplaces and the auditorium of their respective cottages.

On Tuesday, the European company introduced the sale of a hundred and fifteen plane on three airways: the Latin American provider Viva Air ordered 45 A 320, Ethiopian Airlines purchased ten A 350 and the firm Eire-primarily based CDB plane provider has acquired 45 A 320. Finally, Delta Airlines has available ten A 321. The overall of $ nine.five billion in income at the listing selling price, Does not incorporate rebates.

 Airbus A321 Neo, Airbus A400M and Boeing 787 exhibited at the Paris Air Show, Le 19 June.

Airbus A321 Neo at the Bourget. Photo Marc Chaumeil

For its aspect Boeing has issued a hundred and sixty orders for $ eleven.five billion, just before the regular and private discount rates. The purchases had been created by 4 providers, together with three Chinese: Ok, Max Avolon lease and China Aircraft leasing.

In their obsession to make blow to blow to the announcements of the competitor, Boeing like Airbus combine cheerily, in their announcements, the firm orders for which the agreement is signed and protocols of commitments, which are for sale what the betrothal Are at marriage. Plainly a declaration of intent called in the language of business “memorandum of knowing” (MOU).

10 decades of orders

The working day of Wednesday could be of the similar vein, as the air transportation does not know the disaster. Boeing has revised upwards its forecast for the upcoming 10 decades. It expects the sale of forty one,000 transportation and freight planes around the world to the tol, symbolizing 6,000 billion turnover for makers. Is this the cause why neither Airbus nor Boeing envisage, for the instant, the launch of new units? Their buy guides are loaded for the upcoming 10 decades, with planes whose analysis and enhancement charges are amortized a minor extra just after every sale.

“A new plane will have to represent a actual in addition on the current market, like a fuel overall economy of ten to fifteen% for instance “, the director of engineering and engineering &#39Airbus Charles Winner. “We are not in the telephony marketplace where obsolescence is programmed and in which a new model is unveiled each and every eighteen months” adds Henri Courpron founder of the consulting firm in aeronautics Aircraft see associates. This ex-salesman of Airbus in the United States believes that a new model will have to bring improvements in three areas: “Convenience, sound, and emissions of pollutants” .

Brands are also not well prepared to spend at minimum $ ten billion, to acquire a new model, if the promoting potential clients are not best. They located a a lot considerably less highly-priced alternative. Put on the current market a new version of an current model. The A 320 Neo has essential considerably less than two billion expense and has by now bought 6,000 units. A minor later the 737 Max, remix version of the Boeing 737 also receives the controls.

Prolonged distance monocouloir

The American company is wondering about a new machine that would be developed in fifteen decades. Code title: “Mom” for “center of current market”. It would be a one-aisle plane, but capable of crossing prolonged distances (over seven,000 km). This would help it to url Europe to the American continent. Today this variety of relationship is ensured by two-lane huge-entire body carriers.

It appears that prolonged-haul airways are waiting around for a aircraft of this variety, which would lessen the selling price of tickets. “If this aircraft is released, it will not get there just before the upcoming decade” nonetheless specifies, at Liberation Randy Tinseth, the promoting director of Boeing. This project will certainly be excellent information for the aviation marketplace. However, it should really be capable for travellers. He could have to get ready to make a Paris-New York and as a result invest concerning seven and 8 hrs in a more compact and quieter plane than the comfortable A 380 or Boeing 777 in provider on these prolonged-haul flights.

     Pics Franck Bouaziz Shots Marc Chaumeil




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